How to Become a Top Seller on Bazaara

Becoming a top seller on Bazaara can help you increase your following and engagement on the app, therefore leading to higher sales! Wondering how you can make this a reality for you and your Closet on Bazaara? Don’t worry - there are many ways to help you earn a position as a top seller, and we’ve outlined them below for you.

Take Great Pictures to Show Off your Items

Take great pictures and videos of your item that really shows off the true beauty of each item. Doing so will lead to higher interaction with potential buyers and will help you sell your item quicker. Don’t be afraid to style your outfits to show the buyers how they could style an item.

Communicate with Potential Buyers and Users

Communicate with other users often! Always communicate with potential buyers through comments on listings to see if they have any questions and to answer any questions. Even if a user ‘Likes’ one of your listings, feel free to say Hello in a comment! You can also communicate with the buyer in the comments about the shipping status. Responding to comments will help you sell your item quickly. But, don’t spam or self-promote on other user’s listings in the comments – doing so could lead to a permanent block on your account.

Upload a Variety of Preloved Items

Add a variety of items to your closet! The more items you have listed, the more users will follow your Closet. You can always decline any purchase request you receive on any of your items if you change your mind (but try not to do this too often).

Engage with Other Users

Search, follow, like and comment on other user’s Closet’s and listings. Doing so will help build a community of like-minded users around you, and spreading the ‘likes’ will enable you to get some in return – leading to more views on your items.

Double Check your Address and Phone Number

Make sure your address and phone number is up to date in your Bazaara profile. This is how the courier will contact you to schedule pick up and where the courier will come pick up the package. If your address is not correct and the shipment is delayed, it could lead to you receiving a lower rating from the buyer or a cancelled order.

Categorize your Listings Properly

Ensure your categorizations on your items are correct and thorough. The better you categorize your item, the easier it will be for the perfect buyer to find it! For example, if you are selling a small blue and white striped maxi dress, don’t only categorize it as a blue dress, categorize it as a small maxi dress, that is both blue and white.

Write a Thorough Listing Description

Be thorough in your listing descriptions so that buyers know what the item looks like, how it wears, its fabric/materials, if there are any defects or damages, and more. If you don’t describe your item properly, it could lead to the buyer rejecting the item and it being returned or a low rating.

Sell Clean and Undamaged Items

Ensure the items you are selling are thoroughly cleaned and not damaged before packaging for delivery (unless the damage is stated in the listing). If your item is damaged, do not try to cover it up in the pictures and ensure it is stated in the description. This will lead to a bad experience for the buyer and they will rate you poorly. We have a list of partners who use eco-friendly products and can help dry-clean and repair your clothing:

Prepare your Items for Shipment

And finally, when packing your item for shipment, try to pack it neatly into a clean box or gift bag. This will lead to a higher rating! Bonus points if you send a thank you note with your package – buyers will love to see a personal touch to the packaging of their item. Don’t accept a purchase or offer if you are not ready to ship your item. The courier will pick up your item within the next day, so if you do accept a purchase offer, ensure that your item is ready for pickup by the time the courier arrives at your location. But, don’t wait too long to accept a purchase as this could lead to a cancelled order.


If you follow all of the tips outlined above, this will lead to higher interactions, engagement and ratings for you and your profile as a seller on Bazaara, ultimately leading to higher sales and profits. Always remember - a first-time customer could lead to a long-term customer. Happy selling!



take a PICTURE

How to Take Pictures and Videos that will Sell your Item Right Away

Great pictures of your items for sale can increase your chances of selling your item to a potential buyer. Bright, curated pictures and videos will really show off the true beauty of each item, and users are naturally attracted towards items that have bright, in-focus images. Doing so will lead to higher interaction with potential buyers and will help you sell your item quicker. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve outlined some tips on how to take great pictures and videos that will sell your item right away, below!

take a PICTURE

1. The most important step – but always the easily forgotten one – is make sure your camera lens is clean! This will ensure that you take in-focus pictures of your items. To do so, take a cloth, a tissue, or even the sleeve of your shirt, and rub your camera lens gently on the back of your phone. This will clear the lens easily and within seconds!

2. Take your pictures of your items during the natural daylight, if possible. Daylight at the middle of the day is the brightest, and early afternoon will give your items a nice glow. Even if you’re taking the pictures inside your home, put your items next to a window for optimal sunlight. If sunlight is not possible, try to have as much lighting as possible on your items for their close-ups. As a last resort, take pictures with the camera flash on.





3. Ensure your item is centered in the pictures. If you have other items in the picture, make sure that the buyer will understand which product is for sale by having it centered.







4. If you are listing a clothing item or accessory, try to take some pictures and/or a video of the clothing item on, so that potential buyers can see how the item looks on.








5. Style the item in your pictures. For example, if you are selling a pair of shoes, try putting them on a table with a scarf and some accessories around them to style the photo. But, always make sure the item you are selling is in the center and is the main focus.





Clothing rack with a plant and basket in a decluttered home.

Tips and Tricks for Decluttering your Wardrobe and Home

Clothing rack with a plant and basket in a decluttered home. Whether you want to organize your home, or earn some extra cash from your unused items, decluttering your home can have many benefits, including de-stressing, clearing your head and finally getting around to that much-needed “spring cleaning”. While these are all great benefits, there’s no better feeling than coming home to an organized and simplified home.

In addition to these, there are even more benefits to decluttering your home: as consumers, as much as 75% of our clothes are never actually worn within the last year, and up to 85% of all textiles go to landfills each year. When done in the right way – by selling, donating, mending or upcycling your unused items – decluttering makes sense.

But where to begin? Decluttering your home and your closet may sound like it’s a huge task, but don’t worry. We’ll talk you through some of the quick and easy ways you can start to declutter your closet and home. Read on for some tips and tricks!

Sorting through your Items

Step one to decluttering your home is sorting through all of your items. It will take time to declutter both your closet and your home goods, so choose a weekend to tackle one section one day and the other section on the next day. You’ll want to look through your items to see which items you can mend and upcycle, which items you can sell, and which items you would like to donate. Try to grab as many items as you can that you haven’t used during the last year – these are the items that can be decluttered.

Mending your Clothing and Home Goods

Next – take a look through your items that you’ve separated for decluttering, and see if there are items that you absolutely want to keep, but they have a bit of wear and tear, such as small strings hanging off the bottom, or a scuff in the wood of a table. These items can be mended for future use (for keeping, selling and donating!). Especially if it’s a tiny hole or small fray, as this can add years back into your garment or item. Take these items to your local tailor or a furniture repair shop for a quick mend job, and your items will look as good as new!

Donating Gently Used Items

Donating gently used items is a great way to help support those in need. Once you’ve repaired any item that needed mending, reach out to local organizations that support people in need in your region. They’ll guide you to where you can drop off your clothing and home items. Some organizations even have a pickup service!

Selling your Clothing and Home Goods

For the rest of your clothing and home goods that you haven’t donated, you can sell them! As they say, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” so go ahead and upload your items to Bazaara for resale. In addition to earning extra cash, selling your gently used items also has great environmental benefits! Doing so will help reduce the amount of items being discarded to landfills, as an estimated 140 million pounds worth of clothing goes into landfills each year!


 Upcycling is a great way to give your items a new life! For those items that are too far damaged beyond repair, don’t worry. These are perfect items for upcycling! Upcycling is the process of repurposing your unwanted or used items into brand new products. Upcycling can help your item live beyond its years and give it a brand-new life, with better environmental value. It’s a great way of creating unique garments and items to brighten your wardrobe and home. Talk about conversation pieces!


Since up to 85% of textiles go to landfills each year, the environmental benefits of upcycling are huge. Upcycling can greatly reduce waste that ends up in landfills. For example, you can take an old scarf or t-shirt, and turn it into a throw pillow or chair cushion. You can DIY your upcycling projects, or you can find local upcycling specialists to help you. Custom furniture creators or your local tailor is a great place to start.


Clothing rack with various garments, next to a mirror and plants

Join our Beta Launch

Clothing rack with various garments, next to a mirror and plantsWant to start decluttering your wardrobe to earn extra cash? If you are located in the UAE and would like to sell your preloved clothing and home items, sign up to join the Bazaara Beta launch!


The Beta launch will enable Beta testers to get an exclusive first look at the brand new Bazaara app and be the first to test out some cool new features!


To sign up, please send an email to with the subject line Beta Tester.