Frequently Asked Questions

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is huge – it produces 10% of total global carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply and is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide.*

Buying and selling preloved can drastically reduce these numbers, leading to a smaller environmental footprint and more sustainable world.

*Credit: Business Insider

In addition, you can earn extra cash from the items sitting in your closet by decluttering! We keep our fees low and enable you to sell directly to buyers on the platform so that you get a maximum profit from your items and so that you can buy and sell your items on your own terms. Moreover, since shipping is included in every purchase, there are absolutely no meetups required between you and the buyer/seller, leading to a safe and effortless experience for everyone. You can buy and sell without ever leaving your home!

Bazaara is free to use! We only charge a very small transaction fee for every purchase.

We keep our fees as low as possible because we believe in enabling our users to buy and sell preloved items on their own terms. We do to keep item prices are as low as possible on the platform for buyers, and so that sellers can earn a maximum profit. We also believe in our greater mission to create a more sustainable future, and to get there, we saw the need to create a central platform for users to buy and sell freely on their own terms with a low transaction fee.

Bazaara has a wide range of fashion and home goods for sale! Browsing is easy – simply open the Bazaara app, click the Search icon on the bottom tab, and either click on the category you would like to browse or use the search function on the top of the screen to narrow your search. You can also use the Filter and Sort functions to help – the icons are in the upper right corner on the search tab. If you come across items that you’d like to come back to later, simply click the heart on the item, and this will be saved to your My Likes section, which is within your settings.

There are a few ways you can increase your chances of finding a buyer for an item. The first, and most important, is ensure your images and videos are bright and visually appealing to showcase the items in their best light. Take your pictures with as much lighting as possible and make sure your camera lens is clean – it is best if you take the photos in the middle of the day for natural daylight. Having great pictures will lead to higher interactions with potential buyers and will help you sell your items quicker. The next step you can take is follow, like and comment on users’ listings! This will bring more user activity to your page, therefore increasing views of your items for sale in your Bazaara closet.

Absolutely – we encourage it! To follow your friends on the Bazaara app, simply find their Bazaara profile by searching for their name, and hit the Follow button on their profile. After you follow them, your home feed will be updated every time they upload a new item. We also encourage you to follow users who post items that you like so you can consistently receive their updates on your news feed.

To list a new item for sale on Bazaara, simply log on to the Bazaara app and click the camera icon on the bottom tab. Upload pictures and a video of the preloved fashion or home item you would like to sell, fill out the details, and click the Submit button! It’s that easy. Once you submit your listing, your item will be visible on your Bazaara closet

Bright and visually appealing pictures and videos will show off the true beauty of each item you are selling and users are naturally attracted towards items that have bright, in-focus images, so it’s important to get your pictures and video right. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you take the best pictures of your preloved items for sale.

  1. Clean the lens on your phone to ensure all your pictures are in-focus and clear.
  2. Take the pictures and videos of your preloved items for sale in bright, natural daylight – you can even try placing them near a window for natural daylight during the day.
  3. Center your item in the pictures and videos.
  4. Take a few of the pictures with the clothing item or accessory on so users can see how it looks on.
  5. Style the item in your pictures. For example, if you are selling a vase, put flowers in the vase and put it on a table with some books and a coffee mug around it.

Read our recent blog about how to take great pictures in more detail!

If you’d like to list your luxury item for sale, you can follow these steps to help sell your item. Each step has additional details about luxury handbags, shoes and jewellery/watches for sale.

Step 1: Be sure to take bright, in-focus and clear photos of your luxury item for sale in natural lighting, at all angles of the item. If it’s a handbag, be sure to take a full front photo of the bag, a closeup of the label and details of the hardware. If you are selling luxury shoes, ensure you include a photo of the soles and a photo of the label. If you are selling a luxury watch, be sure to capture a close up of the face and the back of the watch.

Step 2: Since most luxury items include serial numbers or date codes, you should take a picture of this to help validate the authenticity. For handbags, the serial number is most likely on a sticker located on a leather tab or directly on the bag, usually on the bottom or inside the main pocket. If you are selling luxury shoes, take a picture of the code embossed or stamped on the shoe, which is usually in the inside or underneath the strap. For jewellery/watches, ensure you take a picture of all the engravings.

Step 3: If you have the receipts, authenticity cards and/or original tags, make sure you add that to the item description and include them in your pictures.

Step 4: If you are selling the luxury item with any of its accessories, also include this in the description, such as shoe boxes, dust bags and extra watch links.

Step 5: Be precise about the condition of the item. If it is worn, damaged, or has flaws, this needs to be disclosed to avoid a bad experience for the buyer (this could lead to a low rating for your profile and a permanent block on your account).  If there are flaws, make sure you take a picture of them and add it to the listing so potential buyers can see.

While we don’t recommend selling a damaged item on Bazaara, it is still possible to sell the item on Bazaara, just ensure that you note the damage and flaws in the item description and include a picture of the flaws. If you do not note this in the description and your item is sold, this will result in a refund to the customer and a permanent ban on your account.

It is important to properly categorize your item for sale so that more buyers will be able to find your item through the Search function on Bazaara. Using the right categories will make it easier for potential buyers to find your item! For example, if you are selling a purple and yellow small t-shirt, ensure you add the correct size, the correct sub categories, and both purple and yellow colors.

If you would like to communicate with a user, you can simply use the Comments feature on a listing that you’re interested in buying and/or selling. To do so, click the “Write Comment” button on a listing, tag the user you would like to communicate with, and type your message! Once you submit your comment, the user you have tagged will receive a notification. Note that you should not use the comments section to try to meet outside of the app. Doing so will lead to a permanent ban on your account.

Congratulations! Now all you have to do is pack your item and wait for the courier to contact you for pickup. When packing your item, do so neatly in a clean box or gift bag, or if it’s a larger item, ensure it’s by your front door. You can even use tissue paper and ribbons to pack the items. Bonus points if you send a thank you note with your package! This will lead to a higher rating, as buyers will love to see a personal touch to the packaging of their item. The courier will contact you for pickup timings and will pick up your item within the next two days, so please keep your mobile phone on you

The courier will contact you to schedule a pickup timing, which will be within two days of selling your item. Please ensure that your mobile number on your Bazaara profile is correct – this is how the courier will contact you.

When packing your item, do so neatly in a clean box or gift bag, or if it’s a larger item, ensure it’s by your front door. You can even use tissue paper and ribbons to pack the items. Bonus points if you send a thank you note with your package! This will lead to a higher rating, as buyers will love to see a personal touch to the packaging of their item

Once you make a sale on Bazaara and the buyer accepts your item after delivery, you will see the funds in your Bazaara account available balance. You can keep these funds in your Bazaara account to use for a future purchase on the app, or, you can transfer these funds to your personal bank account once per month.

You can transfer your funds to your bank account once per month. If you make any sales after your monthly transfer, they will remain available within your Bazaara account for you to use on other purchases within the app if you wish to until the following month, when you can make the bank transfer again.

If your order was cancelled, this means that the seller unfortunately no longer wants to sell their item or cannot sell their item anymore. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and we try our best to minimize this from happening. We encourage you to look for a similar item on Bazaara.

After purchasing an item, and once the seller accepts the purchase, the item will arrive by courier within two days. Please keep your mobile phone handy in case the courier tries to call you to arrange the drop off. You can track your order delivery within the Bazaara app under My Purchases on your Settings menu.

The courier will communicate with you via your mobile phone number that you entered when purchasing your item. In addition, please ensure that the mobile number you have listed on your Bazaara profile is correct. Please keep your mobile phone on and close by in case the courier tries to call you to arrange a time for drop off.

If you purchased an item on Bazaara and it hasn’t arrived and you haven’t received any shipping notifications, please send an email to with the purchase details and we will look into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.

After your purchase has been delivered, we encourage you to log back onto Bazaara to rate the seller and your shopping experience with them. To do so, open the Bazaara app, go to My Purchases that is on your Settings menu, and click the recent purchase to rate. Rating your seller will enable the Bazaara app to highlight the best sellers, leading to a great experience for everyone. Don’t forget to tell the seller what you liked and didn’t like about your shopping experience with them so that they can improve for next time.

Will Bazaara help me with this? At the moment, Bazaara cannot help you authenticate a luxury item. To help you ensure the authenticity of an item, ask the seller to upload a picture of the original receipt and pictures of the serial numbers or date codes. For example, if it is a luxury bag, the inside tags should have a serial number that is hand-stitched or stamped into the leather. Depending on the brand and product, you may be able to contact the brand directly to authenticate with the serial number.

If you’ve received the wrong item, please keep the item in the packaging and contact us at We will look into the order and will either arrange for the correct package to be shipped to you immediately or will refund you if the correct item is no longer available. We will also arrange for a courier to pick up the wrong item.

If you’ve received a damaged, flawed or dirty item, and it was not stated in the item description, please take photos and contact us with details at We will arrange for the courier to promptly pick up the item and will arrange for a refund back to your account.

There are several reasons why your listing may not have been approved by the Bazaara admin team. These reasons include: pictures were not appropriate, pictures were not clear, description and categories did not match to the pictures, and more. Please try to amend your listing and post again. If you continue to receive this message and you believe it is an error, you may email us at to explain your case.

There are several reasons why your account could have been permanently blocked. These reasons include: inappropriate listings, requesting buyer/seller communication outside of the app, too many cancelled orders, and more. If you think this was made by mistake, you may email to explain your case.