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Why did you start ino.ae?

INO.AE is a concept that has been more than 10 years in the making. I started my own mini shop at the age of 14, selling jewelry I’ve made and clothes my peers at the time, liked. But every time I’d think about the style and wardrobe of two of the most elegant and classy women in my life: my mother and her mom (my grandmother), I’d think, “I wish I could make/sell stuff like that instead!” They’ve always had an eye for the classics: from music and the arts, to clothing and furniture. I owe much of my taste to them. I’ve always kept this in my heart and fast forward to now, INO.AE is born out of an intense brainstorming session that involved Katy Perry’s song “It’s Never Really Over” on repeat, all because a little girl refused to give up on that dream. INO is my way of sharing the love for all things inspiring in the decades past, finding like-minded vintage-loving friends, and promoting a fierce individuality amongst women and their style of choice.

Tell us about your love for vintage items?

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnet 43

I love vintage and inspired items so much so that my house is filled with them! And no, it’s not a pile up of hoarded things, but very select pieces that have much of a sentimental value to me. As much as I love it, I also don’t believe in unnecessary hoarding. But if I were to count the ways vintage is a part of my life, I’d say from clothing to furniture, books and music.

Do you think vintage shopping is popular in the UAE and will it continue to gain in popularity?

People will always have their own idea of “vintage” because it’s such a personal journey. You pick a past era/decade, decide what it means to you, and you wear that style according to your preference.  I hope that vintage shopping will continue to gain understanding more than popularity because there’s such a big difference in things like material used, techniques employed, cultural reflection etc. VS. modern clothing.

What are your favorite vintage pieces?

  • A working phonograph I got from an old vendor who only had it as prop in his shop
  • An original Polaroid camera
  • Dresses I’ve inherited from my mom

How can we shop ino.ae vintage pieces?

Find INO on Bazaara & Instagram: @ino.ae